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        2014-03-22來源: 智能所瀏覽次數:

        Professor Qingfu Zhang is recruiting fully funded PhD students in computational intelligence area in the Department of Computer Science,
        City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

        The starting date is Jan/2015

        1) English:
        a) TOEFL: >=550 (paper-based) or >=213 (computer-based) or >=79
        (internet-based); or
        b) IELTS >=6.5, or
        c) English Test Band 6 >=490
        2) MSc in EE, computer science, control engineering, applied math or any other related subjects.  Average MSc Score>=85 (80 for some top universities in China).
        3) A good knowledge of at least one main computer language such as Matlab, C and Java.
        4) A knowledge of evolutionary computation and machine learning is not necessary.

        To apply, please send a CV to Prof. Zhang at qingfu.zhang@cityu.edu.hk
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